Alan Clarke: Sculpting the Figure


24 Sep, 2022 - 27 Sep, 2022

This workshop will offer the participant to sculpt, from life, a half-life-size standing figure.

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This workshop will offer the participant to sculpt, from life, a half life-size standing figure. All the necessary skills and processes will be discussed and demonstrated, including choosing an appropriate pose, armature building, basic anatomy, measuring, design, materials handling, surface finishing etc.

The first day will begin with a discussion about the process and what to consider when choosing a pose. Then, when the pose has been chosen, participants will build and pose an aluminium armature, using a combination of measuring and judging by eye.

Day two will begin with a short discussion about the basic points of human anatomy as it pertains to the major forms and important anatomical landmarks. Following this the participants will block in the major forms of the figure.

The last who days are spent refining gesture, proportion, and surface finish.

Outcomes: participants will finish the workshop with a half life-size figure in clay, which they can photograph and leave to be recycled, or they can take it away with them.

**Important: The sculpture will still be wet at the stage, and will be quite heavy. A car/taxi will be needed to transport it. It should be noted that the clay is not stable in the long term, if participants want to preserve their work it will need to be moulded and cast. Clarke can advise on this, but it is not covered in the workshop**

Duration: 4 days

All materials, tools and equipment will be provided

Artist Bio:

Alan Clarke is a sculptor and illustrator. He was born into a family of artists, and first became a commercial illustrator, before gradually evolving into fine art and then into sculpture. Right from the beginning his work focused on the human form, in its endless variety and complexity. He combines a knowledge of materials and anatomy with and in-depth understanding of drawing, design, and three dimensional form. He has worked and taught in studios in Italy, England, Spain and Russia. His award winning work has been exhibited all over the world, and a large collection is held in the national collection in Ireland. He gives regular sculpture workshops, and is a drawing tutor at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

Image: Alan Clarke, The gift of the Serpent, 2022, 650mm tall, clay, © Alan Clarke

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    24 Sep, 2022 - 27 Sep, 2022
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    10 - 17
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