193rd RHA Annual Exhibition

*Collection of sold/unsold work*

Please contact front of house at frontofhouse@rhagallery.ie to arrange collection between 10-4pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively call us on 01 - 661 2558, also between 10-4pm, Monday to Friday.

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Exhibition runs Monday, 22nd May - Sunday, 30th July

The 193rd RHA Annual Exhibition, Ireland’s largest and longest running exhibition of visual arts, taking place in 2023 will also launch the RHA bicentenary celebrations. Open to all artists working in paint, drawing, print, sculpture, photography and architecture, and as the RHA turns 200 years old, the 193rd RHA Annual Exhibition will mark a highly significant point in the history of the organisation.

The documentary Exhibitionists: Road to the RHA followed seven artists on their journeys to selection for the 189th Annual in 2019.

View here on the RTÉ Player.

Every year, the RHA Annual attracts a large public and critical audience. With sales in excess of €550,000 in 2022, the Annual is a key event of the art calendar for both public and private buyers of all levels.

The open submission is vital to the strength and vitality of the RHA Annual. Works selected through the open submission process make up approximately 60% of the exhibition with the rest of the artworks by RHA Members and Invited Artists. This year over €70,000 of prizes will be awarded to exhibiting artists. This prize fund, one of the largest in Ireland, is awarded to artists recognised for works of achievement. Please read all terms and conditions prior to entering.

Key Dates:

Exhibition Open To Public: 22 May - 30 July 2023

Collection of unsold work: 1 August 2023, 11am to 4:30pm. For collection after this date please make an appointment for collection with frontofhouse@rhagallery.ie. All collections of unsold work must be made before 1 September 2023.

All information concerning the digital submission procedure and the terms and conditions of the exhibition are available on the OESS website here.



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