Mentored Drawing 2

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11 Jan, 2024 - 18 Apr, 2024

Applications are now closed for the Spring term. This 15-week term will transition students from direct contact to full self-directed drawing practice.

Applications are now closed.

This module is structures in three block and will cover ink and water based media, drawing animation and research through collaging sources.

In block one, Joy Gerrard will lead a set of workshops that looks at building a repertoire of techniques. The students will engage in how mark making and technique can build meaning. We will be thinking about seemingly simple acts of making, such as how a sharp line can react with an amorphous pool. We will consider how figuration can slide into abstraction and the balance that can be achieved between the two. By developing hands on skills and research techniques we will also think about how to use found imagery in a considered and ethical way.

In block 2 led by Aideen Barry, the student will learn how to produce an animation and moving image work and will be able to consider and implement ideas or modes off its display. This module assumes knowledge of the fundamentals drawing studies, movement, weight, timing, mass as well as the ability of the learner to communicate ideas of narratives or conceptual notions through storyboarding, sketches, preparatory studies & complement this with research of artists from the contemporary world who incorporate animation into their practice.. The student will learn a number of different approaches to moving image production, from the inception of the initial idea to use of free, cheap and relatively easy access software which can be used on a smartphone, tablet, Mac laptop. The module will cover a broad range of materials, techniques and softwares that will equip the student with the necessary skill for application and production of a short 60-second minimum moving image loop.

Block 3 will place emphasis on the learner developing initial concept that complements their studio practice enabling them to self direct their learning according to the needs of their individual project, while also enhancing their awareness of the techniques, tools and application of moving image stop−motion, Animatic and cell animation processes. The workshops will be led through a combination of in-person and blended learning.

Led by David Eager Maher, there will be based on research through practice. Students will be introduced to methodologies that encourage the making of meaning and ways and means to expand the personal and integrate it with contemporary visual culture while also developing a cathartic pictorial idiom.

This course is an accredited module – worth 5 Credits.

Image credit: Aideen Barry, Hair & Hand Drawing Series, 2022, © Aideen Barry.

The completion of all 6 modules are awarded with a CPD Diploma in Painting and Drawing, Technological University Dublin, Minor Award with a NQF Level 8. Students can complete all 6 modules over the course of one academic year or complete separate modules over the course of a number of years. All modules will be subject to the quality assurance and exam regulations of TU Dublin.

Please note that students are NOT required to complete Term 1 courses before applying for Term 2 courses.

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    11 Jan, 2024 - 18 Apr, 2024
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    Thursday's | 10 - 1
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