Director’s Tour of ‘Cecilia Bullo: Being Haunted by the Breezes, Now How Will You Exist?’


Gallagher Gallery
On 29 Mar, 2023

Join RHA Director, Patrick T. Murphy for a tour of 'Being Haunted by the Breezes, Now How Will You Exist?', an exhibitions of work by Cecilia Bullo on view in the Gallagher Gallery until 30 April

This tour will provide interesting insights into the context of the works on display; the artist’s practice; and the curatorial approach to the show.

This tour is free and booking is not required.

Being Haunted by the Breezes, Now How Will You Exist?  incorporates sculpture, sound and installation. Created specifically for the Gallagher Gallery, this new body of work explores the artist’s concerns around gender violence and ecofeminism. The work emerges from the artist’s urge to reconnect directly with material processes and the bodily act of making. Specifically, Bullo seeks to celebrate the return of the feminine and her/their personification and incarnation as a creatrix, fighter and destroyer.

Being Haunted by the breezes, now how will you exist?, explores fictional, personal, archaeological and mythological narratives concerning Matrilinear ascendency. This includes Marija Gimbutas’ Kurgan hypothesism, which argues that European prehistoric culture was female-centred, and that the world was at peace when god was a woman.

In the artist’s own words, “Envisaged as archaeological dystopian assemblages, these works to me are evil averting amulets and esoteric spaces, from which one can resist the repressive discriminatory framework of patriarchal culture.”


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    29 Mar, 2023
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