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On 22 Sep, 2023

Launching Culture Night at RHA Gallery. Ireland’s largest augmented reality experience to date, and the first full 3d animation of Maser’s work.

Join us this Culture Night to unveil Maser’s AR Experience at the RHA Gallery.  Live Projection for One Night Only!

Around The Block is an immersive AR art experience that harnesses elements from Maser’s multidisciplinary practice including painting, projection and augmented reality. It is the first major collaboration between Maser and the RHA and the first of its kind in Ireland. Maser has been developing this AR art experience concept with Imvizar over the last two years. It is the first time that Maser’s work has been interpreted into a 3D digital animation, which adds a deeper layer to the work, creating real time movement for the viewer to experience and engage with.

Maser began his artistic practice 28 years ago, painting graffiti and murals. In later years, he progressed to showing with contemporary art galleries across the globe, creating original works on canvas and print editions for various exhibitions and projects. During this almost three decades of painting, Dublin has changed, as have the tools and technology available for artists. 

Maser is revisiting the public space now in an era with new technology, while considering how the public engage with artwork. Not only do people visit murals and museums, they also experience art through their devices and social media. With this transition of time, comes the opportunity to explore new digital resources, including augmented reality and large scale projection and how these new tools can help develop and communicate the artistic concepts – which sparked the idea for Around the Block.

To launch this unique installation, the facade of the RHA Gallery will come alive through a live projection and an engaging augmented reality (AR) experience. Visitors can access the AR experience via a downloadable app on their phones which will be made available on Culture Night and will continue for one month.

Having visited the RHA Gallery many times over the years – both as a professional artist and as a student – Maser felt the RHA was the perfect fit for this project. Not only does the gallery have cultural significance to Maser personally, but on a wider level, its building design is the perfect canvas for this visual piece. Maser’s ambition with Around the Block is to bring a fresh perspective to an iconic location. The projected artwork and AR has been mapped to the RHA Building, to create a visual spectacle and outdoor engagement from street level. The concept continues indoors, where Maser has created bespoke canvas works for the main foyer of the RHA Gallery. 

“My work has always engaged with this city. I love Dublin. I believe you should be creative not only with your work, but also in your process, the tools and technology available, while still holding onto the foundations of your craft. I will always be a painter.” Maser, Sept ’23. 

Created in Maser’s signature style, this series of new work illustrates bold colours, energetic forms and gestural movements. Thematically, the work is inspired by the shapes and forms of sound. Sound plays a big role in Maser’s practice and with these works he is inviting the viewer into his creative process, as the shapes and forms play in the Dublin streets through AR.

For additional info about Maser’s projects and practice, please contact Martina McDonald at 


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    22 Sep, 2023
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    7.30 - 9.30pm
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