Tales of Hyperborea

Remco De Fouw RHA

RHA Ashford Gallery & Atrium
11 Feb, 2022 - 6 Mar, 2022

Remco de Fouw RHA's debut show in the RHA Ashford Gallery brings a multimedia display of sculptural objects, photography and kinetic objects - all to evoke a glimpse into the mythology of Hyperborea.


Speaking of this body of work the artist comments: “Tales Of Hyperborea plays with notions of truth and representation, a constant push and pull between the mythic and the actual. By inviting many unlikely elements to coincide, I like to consider the current scientific hegemony as relatively recent and perhaps another transient phase on our continuing journey around our Sun.”

“In looking back to our perception of phenomena and the numinous through folklore and mythology, I try to develop a nonlinear open-ended narrative across time that explores an evolution of where we find ourselves today. My aim is to evoke a number of possible tensions and associations, in collaboration with the viewer who is an integral part of this exchange. I aim to explore some of these references through sculpture, installation and photographic processes.”

Images: Photography Kate Bowe O’Brien, © Remco de Fouw
1/1 Remco De Fouw, Tales of Hyperborea, Installation, Feb 2022
2/2 Remco de Fouw RHA, Revolving Castle (Caer Sidi) I-IV, 2022, Toned Silver Gelatine PhotoGram, 32 x 37cm 

  • Date:

    11 Feb, 2022 - 6 Mar, 2022
  • Time:

    11 - 17
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