Accessible Tour of ‘Cosmic Wetness’ with Emilie Conway

RHA Learning

Corner Gallery
On 27 Sep, 2023

Join Emilie Conway for an audio-described tour of Karen Donnellan's exhibition 'Cosmic Wetness' on view in the Corner Gallery until 01 October

This tour is provided for individuals and groups with visual impairment. 

This exhibition and tour is multi-sensory – there is braille text; sound art; audio-descriptions; and tactile objects.

Tour: 1pm – 2pm on 27 September

Free event.

Emile Conway employs an innovative approach to the creation of her audio described tours for galleries and cultural institutions.

First and foremost her tours are informed by her passion for art, its ability to enrich and bring healing to all of our lives and to make that art as broadly accessible as possible.

As an artist, working across genres and media, she is very aware of the role language can play in the evocation of an artistic experience in audio description. And so, Emilie brings a musician’s ear and sensitivity to sound and pacing to her creation of audio description. Additionally, as a writer and lyricist, she brings her broad love of languages, not just English, and discerning access to a wealth of metaphor and references.

Finally, as a person with a disability, a visual impairment, Emilie led the field in Ireland with identifying the need to mediate an artistic work in not just words alone.

Cosmic Wetness features a new body of work by Karen Donnellan, who uses a wide variety of materials; contrasting what can be referred to as high value substances like blown glass with a jelly tots and Mikado biscuits.

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    27 Sep, 2023
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