Artist Talk with Catherine Barron

RHA Learning

On 14 Jun, 2023

Join artist Catherine Barron for what promises to be a fascinating discussion on her Theory of Creativity: The O(map)

The O(map) theory of creativity

Defining creativity is famously problematic. As things currently stand, there are upwards of 63 million stated definitions of creativity to be found online, where you will find many correlations depending on which discipline you consult, and just as many contradictions.

The O(map) is an innovative visual framework that describes the creativity spectrum, which accommodates the entire complex of perspectives already recognised by psychologists, educationalists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and artists.

Based on the evidence presented, the O(map) proposes a definition, that if accepted, would be a paradigm shift, and change, not only how creativity is understood, but how we understand ourselves.

Creativity is not what you think – It is how you see.

Please note that this talk will be filmed.

About Catherine Barron

Catherine Barron is this year’s ESB Keating award winner at the RHA annual exhibition. It is her third award at the annual exhibition in a decade, having previously won both the DeVere’s and Adam’s awards. Her primary practice is painting, but a forced sabbatical from making art due to repetitive strain injury, opportuned four years intensive research into the nature of creativity and the problem of definition. Barron published her O(map) theory of creativity in 2022, and has happily resumed painting. Even though research, writing, teaching and painting can be considered separate strands of her practice, Barron recognises an intimate interconnection that informs the “whole” – which is ultimately, the art of life.

“What use is any theory, any creative endeavour, if it does not facilitate our growth, deepen our understanding and enhance life”.

Catherine Barron has two grown up daughters, and lives and works by the sea in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. She is represented by the Molesworth Gallery.

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    14 Jun, 2023
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    Free. Booking Essential.
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