Artist Talk: Zsolt Basti

RHA Learning

Petronella Brown Gallery
On 21 Feb, 2024

Join artist Zsolt Basti for an insightful talk about his exhibition 'Half Shy' with RHA Curator Sarah McAuliffe

The exhibition titled Half Shy collects specific moments of Basti’s childhood and recent memory alongside what the artist considers as new information. The artist explains that their aim was to focus less on specific narrative and leave the paintings as open as possible for the viewers to engage with, with their own intimate memories or stories.

Artist bio:

Zsolt is a Hungarian painter who has been living and practising in Ireland since 2005. He employs personally familiar subjects as his central focus, before altering and abstracting their appearance as a commentary on the revising of disintegrating memory. Basti’s engaging use of colour, composition and the prominence of the uncanny core subject resonate deeply with onlookers, often provoking a subconscious examination of one’s own memory or flashback.

Image: Zsolt Basti, Dream of Fashion, 2023, Oil on canvas, 150 x 100cm, Image courtesy of the artist.

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    21 Feb, 2024
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