Director-led Tour of ‘In & of Itself, Abstraction in the age of images’

RHA Friends

On 6 Dec, 2022

The RHA Friends are invited to exclusive, RHA Director's tour with Patrick T. Murphy of 'In & of Itself, Abstraction in the age of images' in the Gallagher Gallery at the RHA

The RHA Friends are invited to join Director Patrick T. Murphy on a tour of  In & of Itself, Abstraction in the age of images in Gallagher Gallery at the RHA.

Artists: Elizabeth Archbold,  Tinka Bechert, Helen Blake, John Cronin, Ellen Duffy, Taffina Flood, Jane Fogarty, Richard Gorman RHA, Leah Hewson, Ronnie Hughes, Megan Burns, Joanna Kidney,  Fergus Martin, Sinéad Rice, John Noel Smith, Charles Tyrrell ARHA, Samuel Walsh, Corban Walker, Michael Warren RHA, Sarah Wren Wilson.

Curated by Patrick T Murphy, RHA Director

This exhibition assembles a selection of intergenerational artists, from those in their seventies through to middle decades to artists in their late twenties. The selection was made in the rigorous pursuit of abstraction and not the abstracted. Its’ antecedent lies in Malevich’s geometric severity not Picasso or Braque’s representational based cubism. No artist in this exhibition is trying to depict or represent something. They each are creating work that is self-referential; dealing with shape, colour, geometry, materiality, scale, weight and gravity, more the algebra of seeing than its arithmetic.

Through painting and sculpture In & of Itself, Abstraction in the age of images presents the work of twenty artists who value this non-representational approach to art making and offers the viewer an opportunity to probe, question and appreciate their courageous endeavours.

Exclusively for RHA Friends.

Image: Samuel Walsh, Autumnus X (Bénodet), 2014, Acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 150 x 150cm, Image courtesy of the artist.

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    6 Dec, 2022
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