Tour of ‘In and of Itself: Abstraction in the Age of Images’ in Mandarin

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On 25 Jan, 2023

As part of the Chinese Lunar New Year, join RHA Gallery Assistant, Sandra Hu for a tour of 'In and of Itself: Abstraction in the Age of Images' in Mandarin
Wednesday 25 January

Join Sandra Hu for a tour in Mandarin of RHA exhibition, In and of Itself: Abstraction in the Age of Images.

In and of Itself 《在其本身》

Abstraction in the age of images



18th November 2022 to 29th January 2023




Artists: Elizabeth Archbold, Tinka Bechert, Helen Blake, Megan Burns, John Cronin, Ellen Duffy, Taffina Flood, Jane Fogarty, Richard Gorman, Leah Hewson, Ronnie Hughes, Joanna Kidney, Fergus Martin, Sinéad Rice, John Noel Smith, Charles Tyrrell, Samuel Walsh, Corban Walker, Michael Warren, and Sarah Wren Wilson.


艺术家:伊丽莎白·阿奇博尔德 / 廷卡·贝歇特 / 海伦·布莱克 / 梅根·伯恩斯 / 约翰·克罗宁 / 艾伦·达菲 / 塔菲娜·弗拉德 / 简·福格蒂 / 理查德·戈曼 / 莉亚·休森 / 罗尼·休斯 / 乔安娜·凯德尼 / 弗格斯·马丁 / 西妮德·莱斯 / 约翰·诺埃尔·史密斯 / 查尔斯·泰瑞尔 / 塞缪尔·沃尔什 / 科尔班·沃克 / 迈克尔·沃伦 / 莎拉·雷恩·威尔逊。


Curated by Patrick T Murphy, RHA Director


由皇家希伯尼安学院总监 Patrick T Murphy (帕特里克·T·墨菲) 策划





For the Year of the Rabbit, the Royal Hibernian Academy welcomes you to a Mandarin tour of In and of Itself, our intergenerational abstraction show, on 25th January 2023.


值此兔年之际,皇家希伯尼安学院欢迎您参加我们将于 2023 年 1 月 25 日举行的代际抽象展《在其本身》的普通话之旅。


In today’s world we are constantly swamped by images. Street advertisement is now animated—rhythmically changing from one product to another. Our phones access various apps that allow us to see a myriad of photos taken by people we know and people we do not, laced by images of products that algorithms think we should like. Twenty-four-hour news stations beam in real time reports of wars and disasters. Streaming services encourage us to binge watching drama series. We are told to stay connected, stay plugged in, and not miss this pulsing image storm.


在当今世界,我们不断地被图像淹没。 街头广告现在正在从一种产品到另一种产品有节奏地变化。 我们的手机可以访问各种应用程序,这些应用程序使我们能够看到我们认识的人和我们不认识的人拍摄的无数照片,这些照片被算法认为我们应该喜欢的产品图像所束缚。新闻台播报二十四小时的战争和灾难的实时报道。流媒体服务鼓励我们狂看连续剧。我们被吩咐要保持联系,保持连接,不要错过这场脉冲图像风暴。


Within this swollen flow of images why do some artists persist in pursuing abstraction?




This exhibition assembles a selection of intergenerational artists, from those in their seventies through to middle decades to artists in their late twenties. The selection was made in the rigorous pursuit of abstraction and not the abstracted. Its antecedent lies in Malevich’s geometric severity not Picasso or Braque’s representational based cubism. No artist in this exhibition is trying to depict or represent something. They each are creating work that is self-referential—dealing with shape, colour, geometry, materiality, scale, weight, and gravity—more the algebra of seeing than its arithmetic.


这个展览汇集了跨代艺术家,从七十多到中年,再到二十多岁的艺术家。 选择是在严格追求抽象而不是抽象的情况下做出的。它的先行者在于马列维奇的几何严肃性,而不是毕加索或布拉克基于再现的立体主义。 本次展览中没有艺术家试图描绘或表现某物。 他们每个人都在创作自我参照的作品——处理形状、颜色、几何、物质性、比例、重量和重力——与其说是算术,不如说是视觉代数。


Through painting and sculpture In and of Itself presents the work of twenty artists who value this non-representational approach to art making, and offers the viewer an opportunity to probe, question, and appreciate their courageous endeavours.



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    25 Jan, 2023
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