Art Therapy Sessions

RHA is delighted to announce Art Therapy online 8-week group, facilitated by art therapist, Andrea Clare Plunkett.

Andrea is an IACAT registered art therapist MSc trained in Ulster University, Belfast School of Art. She works with groups in the RHA both online and face-to-face using an empowering client lead approach.

Art therapy is founded on the belief that creative self-expression has therapeutic value for those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and their personalities.

Art therapy sessions can help a vast array of common life experiences including social or generalised anxiety, relief of stress, facilitate life transitions such as moving to a new country or adjusting to retirement, can support explorations of gender and identity and can even help artists who feel they have a creative block. Most importantly art therapy sessions offer a time to stop, relax and re-focus inward.

For all sessions basic art materials are required and a laptop, pc or other device.

For further information and booking, please email:  

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