Foundation Painting 2

RHA School Course

In Person - RHA School
4 Jan, 2023 - 19 Apr, 2023

Applications are now open for Spring term 2023. This 15-week module course is open to students who wish to build on an existing skill base and extend their knowledge.

Applications are closed.

The first part of the course covers spatial organisation, drawing for painting, Impasto and brushwork, colour relationships, blocking out and colour modulation. The latter six weeks of the course works from the model with tutor Una Sealy RHA. Written feedback will be provided on course completion.

This course is an accredited module – worth 5 Credits and will take place in the Academy’s Studio.

The completion of all 6 modules are awarded with a CPD Diploma in Painting and Drawing, Technological University Dublin, Minor Award with a NQF Level 8. Students can complete all 6 modules over the course of one academic year or complete separate modules over the course of a number of years. All modules will be subject to the quality assurance and exam regulations of TU Dublin. Please note that students are not required to complete Term 1 courses before applying for Term 2 courses.


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    4 Jan, 2023 - 19 Apr, 2023
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    Weds: 2pm - 5pm
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